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The IT Girl is going to America

My dear It Girls and It Boys,

I’m so excited to share the news with you that the USA rights for The It Girl series have been sold to Simon and Schuster!

The first in the series will be hitting shelves in America in June next year which is totally MINDBLOWING!

And I’m even MORE excited to reveal to you the American cover! Pretty glam, huh!

What do you guys think? I absolutely LOVE it (especially Dog’s fashion sense…) and can’t wait until it comes out over there.

I’m so excited that The It Girl is starting to be published in 11 countries across Europe (I will be vlogging about all the wonderful different versions! Meanwhile, check out the super cool German It Girl accessories here) and it is a dream come true that next year it will be displayed on book shelves across the USA.

Guys, Anna is taking over the world…



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