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YALC 2016

Who else was lucky enough to attend YALC this year?

I had the best time at YALC 2016 and feel incredibly honoured to have been invited to speak on a panel alongside the amazing Jenny McLachlan, Holly Smale and Nat Luurstema in honour of the great Louise Rennison.

We discussed the importance of comedy and how sometimes it can be overlooked in favour of ‘solemn’ literature; feminism in YA and female protagonists; and obviously our most embarrassing moments (and why they make the best stories!)

These three wonderful authors, alongside a host of those speaking this year at YALC, and all those who attended the event (publishers and readers) made me feel incredibly proud of the YA community.Supportive, fun and inspirational, it was a brilliant atmosphere celebrating all that we love about YA fiction and non-fiction. Look at my awesome haul:

Thank you to the wonderful YALC team…I can’t wait for next year’s! xxx

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